Tree Management

Equipments for saving thousands of trees with wide use of transporting full size trees by proper mechanism and planting at ideal locations

Natural Water Bodies

All primary source of drinking water and irrigating fields and other work save them from dying by using right techniques for sustainable development

Management Air

Air Pollution is the Major Source of pollution these days, especially residual agricultural waste burning and industrial pollution.

Large means of affordable technological equipments to be used in order to save guard our atmosphere and breathe healthy air. 

Natural forest Preservation

Preserving Forest and marking boundaries in order to provide forest its real shape and original order, So no flora & fauna gets disturbed and our major source of oxygen remains intact. 


Saving environment and presenting this earth heritage and thick forests with wild flowers.As wild be there so would be our natural habitats

Citizens Charter

Appeal towards afforestation whether in Rural urban or any part, do your bit by saving and planting one. Saving is as good as planting.

Carbon Credits

Can pay you rich returns if you achieve carbon neutrality and contributing in this environment by using sustainable methods.